Why here?

Very few pro-cycling teams truly care about cycling clothing, most of them focus more on the bike, wheel, even the power meter. John even got cut by some pro-cycling team kit, and that’s the reason he found the brand, JE22, with the first letter of his name John Ebsen and to memorize his first Pro-Cycling Back No. 22.

To where?

JE22 believes that hard work pays off, in the faith of “GO HARD OR GO HOME”.

We know training is hard and painful, and we hope the cycling clothing makes you feel better and faster either during day to day training or competitive races. The specific cutting design supports you to overcome the most epic route like KOM Challenge.

JE22 is dedicated to making the most comfortable clothing for those who are committed to cycling sport, to go further, higher, faster, let it be with you, overcome the challenge, beat yesterday, to make a whole different story of your life.